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A Study Of M-Fuzzy Subgroups And Its Level M-Subgroups – Complete project material

ABSTRACT The theory of fuzzy set has been studied extensively in mathematics along with its application in diverse fields. Rosenfeld in 1971 used this concept to develop the theory of fuzzy groups. Gu in 1994…

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A Study Of Fuzzy Numbers And Methods For Their Ranking – Complete project material

ABSTRACT Fuzzy numbers have been studied extensively in mathematics along with its applications in diverse fields, especially in solving many real-life problems. This research work based on an extensive survey of the related existing works,…

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A Study Of Eigen Fuzzy Sets Of Fuzzy Relations – Complete project material

THIS MATERIAL HAS BEEN DELETED OR NOT AVAILABLE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO GET THE COMPLETE PROJECT» Do you need help? Talk to us right now: (+234) 8111770269, 08111770269 (Call/WhatsApp). Email: [email protected] IF YOU CAN’T…

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A Study Of Common Fixed Point Approximations For Finite Families Of Total Asymptotically Nonexpansive Semigroup In Hyperbolic Spaces – Complete project material

ABSTRACT In this dissertation, a multi-step iterative scheme was used to establish thestrong and 􀀀convergence theorems for finite families of uniformly asymptoticregular, total asymptotically nonexpansive semigroup in a uniformlyconvex hyperbolic space. We also used a…

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A Statistical Analysis Of Reported Cases Of Sexually Transmited Disease (Case Study Of The Federal Medical Centre Umuahia (F.M.C) From 1995 – 2004) – Complete project material

ABSTRACT The entire project work/study talks about the full meaning of the STDS.  The causes of the sexually transmitted diseases were found out to be virus and bacteria which can be transmitted from one person…

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A Quality Analysis Of The Thickness Of Part And Corrugated Asbetes Roofing Sheets (Case Study Of Emenite Limited Enugu) – Complete project material

ABSTRACT This project work is designed to give an insight into the application of statistical quality control in the building products industries in order to help manufacturers understand the importance of applying statistical techniques in…

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A Modified Subgradient Extragradeint Method For Variational Inequality Problems And Fixed Point Problems In Real Banach Spaces – Complete project material

ABSTRACT Let E be a 2-uniformly convex and uniformly smooth real Banach space with dual space E. LetA : C ! E be a monotone and Lipschitz continuous mapping and U : C ! C…

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A Mathematical Model For Evaluation Of Assets Returns In A Volatile Economy – Complete project material

ABSTRACT In recent years, advance in technology have made it possible for the stock marketsto trade in real time and also for large dataset to be available for statistical analysis.Thus, we examined the impact of…

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A General Iterative Scheme For Fixed Points Of Nonlinear Operators – Complete project material

ABSTRACT This thesis examines a general iterative scheme for fixed points of nonlinear operators using thespecial cases of the Krasnoselskii-Mann (KM) iterative procedure for particular choices of thenonexpansive operator N. We prove many theorems and…

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Deterministic Inventory Models For Delayed Deteriorating Items With Inventory Level Dependent Demand Rate – Complete project material

ABSTRACT In many real-life situations the consumption rate for certain types of consumer goods (such as fruits, vegetables, doughnuts, cassava, yams and so on) is sometimes influenced by the stock-level. In this research, five deterministic…

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