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Optimization Of Strategies For Natural Gas Utilization – complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT Nigeria is endowed with huge proven gas reserves estimated to be 184 trillion cubic feet (Tcf). It ranks as the 7th holder of natural gas reserves in the world, and the largest in Africa.…

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Practical Approach To Effective Sand Prediction, Control And Management – complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT The production of formation sand is a problem associated with most oil deposits in the world. Major Sand production effects affect safety, well or field economics and continuous production. This has prompted the…

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Practical Approaches For Solving Lost Circulation Problems While Drilling – complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT As the demand for petroleum resources increases, drilling of oil and gas wells are often carried out in challenging and hostile environments. Among the top ten drilling challenges facing the oil and gas…

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Pressure Analysis Of A Well With An Inclined Hydraulic Fracture In A Naturally Fractured Reservoir – complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT Hydraulic fracturing has been an effective technique to stimulate damaged wells or wells producing from low-permeability formation. It has been established that the orientation of a hydraulic fracture is perpendicular to the direction…

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Quantification Of Uncertainty And Risks For Developing Marginal Fields – complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT The Niger Delta is Nigeria’s and Africa’s most prol ific producing basin and has some untapped oil resources because of their marginality. The development of marginal oil field in Nigeria has now become…

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Quantifying Incremental Oil Production And Economics Of Using Intelligent Completion As A Tool For Reservoir Management – complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT Huge amount of hydrocarbon in place is left unrecovered. Integrated reservoir management, in addition to the use of new technologies improves hydrocarbon recovery. Intelligent completion is one of the technologies which enhance reservoir…

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Statistical Characterization Of Performance Of Biopolymer Drill-In Fluid For Different Rheological Models – complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT Appropriate selection of rheological models is important for hydraulic calculations of pressure loss prediction and hole cleaning efficiency of drilling fluids. Power law, Bingham-Plastic Herschel-Bulkley models are the conventional fluid models used in…

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Economic Effect Of Cheating Petrol Pump Attendant To Motorists – complete project material

[ad_1] CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background of the study According to Olohunlambe (2016), proposed that it’s too much to expect honesty in any field in this country.  Of course, not all Nigerians are like this,…

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Effects Of Covid-19 On Energy Investment – complete project material

[ad_1] Effects Of Covid-19 On Energy Investment Energy investment and energy projects face uncertainty as global recession looms, but stimulus packages could help keep a low-carbon future on track by Sujay Shah, Global Head &…

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