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The Prevalence Of Occupational Stress Among Secondary School Teachers – Complete project material

Abstract Principals play a pivotal role in performance of students in secondary schools. In many instances, this calls for high professional and societal demands, and expectations. As a result, principals experience stress. Studies in countries…

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ABSTRACT This study was designed to investigate if parents and peer groups of school students have any influence in the choice of a career among secondary school students. The relationship between the two primary factors…

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Principals Perception Of Teachers As Facilitators – Complete project material

ABSTRACT This review of literature on Quality Teaching aims to provide a theoretical background to the OECD-IMHE project on the quality of teaching in higher education. It highlights the main debates on the topic to…

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Gender Inequality And The Status Of Widows In Nigeria: Implications For Counselling – Complete project material

Abstract This study investigated the counselling needs of widows in Rivers State implication for study. The sample of this study consisted of 2000 widows from Rivers State. These widows were drawn using the purposive sampling…

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The Counsellor And Health Psychology – Complete project material

Overview of research activity The Counselling and Health Psychology Research Group generally conduct research with an applied focus. Members of counselling team are particularly interested in methodological issues and provide support and input to one…

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Post-Retirement Life Styles Of Some Nigerians And The Counselling Implications – Complete project material

Introduction Retirement is an integral part of a worker’s life. It is regarded as an important stage in human development the world over. People who plan their retirement well in advance adjust well to retirement,…

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Interpersonal Relationships Between Nigerian Mother-In=Law And Their Daughters=In-Law: Pre-Marital And Family Counselling Implications – Complete project material

Abstract Policies that discourage violence against women and girls abound in Nigeria but have not been effectively implemented. Recorded history, recent events and happenings have shown that Nigerians still experience the occurrence of the most…

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The Perceived Effectiveness Of Punishment Administered On Students By Secondary School Teachers – Complete project material

Abstract The study evaluated secondary school teachers’ perception on the effectiveness of physical punishment as a disciplinary measure in selected secondary schools in Ile-Ife, Osun State. This was with a view of exploring the effects…

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The Cultural Influence On The Manifestation Of Depression – Complete project material

ABSTRACT Background: Depression among adolescents is an uncommon and frequently unrecognized issue in pediatrics. children and adolescents however suffer from both depression and associated symptoms.Methods: The study was carried out among adolescents in secondary schools from two states;…

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Effect Of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy On The Level Of General And Examination Anxieties Among Students – Complete project material

INTRODUCTION An abundance of research has shown that large transactional distance between geographically dispersed learners and supporting staff in Open and Distance learning institutions contribute to students’ feelings of isolation, low self efficacy and reduced…

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