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Antibiogram And Microbial Carriage Of Campus Shuttle Door Handles – Complete project material

ABSTRACT The transmission of infection via fomites constitutes a major threat to public health especially in the developing countries. This study was carried out to investigate the microbial carriage and antibiotics pattern of bacteria on…

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Prevalence Of Gastrointestinal Parasites Of Chickens – Complete project material

ABSTRACTA survey of gastrointestinal parasites of chickens was carried out in Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria between January and July, 2015. A total of three hundred and twenty seven (327) chickens of different breeds were examined…

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Microbiological Assessment Of Indoor And Outdoor Air – Complete project material

ABSTRACT This study was aimed at investigating the microbial load and the quality of indoor air Faith Mediplex Centre, Benin City, to ascertain their contribution to infection rate in the hospital. Air samples were assessed…

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Bacteriological Analysis Of Water Tanks In Halls Of Residence – Complete project material

CHAPTER ONE 1.0    INTRODUCTION Water is indispensable and intricately connected to life, without which there is no life. This is the reason for which water must be given the necessary attention at all times. Good…

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Antimicrobial And Phytochemical Properties Of Youngcocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water And Methalonic Edxtract Of The Youngcocos Nucifera 9coconut) Husk – Complete project material

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION AND LITERATURE REVIEW1.1 INTRODUCTIONMedicinal plants represent a rich source of antimicrobials and many other drugs. The potentialsofhigher plants as source for new drugs is still largely unexplored. Antibiotic resistance has become…

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Microbial Contamination Of Youghurt – Complete project material

CHAPTER ONE 1.0   INTRODUCTION Yoghurt is a fermented dairy product obtained from the lactic acid fermentation of milk. It is one of the most popular fermented milk products in the world and produced commercially at home.…

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The Effect Of Weight On Blood Pressure Of Hypertensive Patients – Complete project material

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the StudyThe number of people with high blood pressure is in the increase and research has shown that this condition is heightened by overweight of the patient. That is…

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Time Series Analysis On The Total Number Of Patients Treated For Malaria Fever (Between 2001 Ans 2010) – Complete project material

ABSTRACT This project work reveled the rate at which people are infected with malaria the least square method used for analysis showed that people are infected with malaria irrespective of the time and seasons of…

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Antibiotics Resistance Profile Of Escherichia Coli Isolated From Apparently Healthy Domestic Livestock In South-West Nigeria – Complete project material

ABSTRACT This study was conducted to determine the antibiotic resistance profile of Escherichial Coli isolate from apparently healthy domestic livestock viz: cow, goats and chicken from Osun State Nigeria. E. Coli was isolated using Eosin…

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Isolation And Identification Of Microorganism In Stream Water – Complete project material

CHAPTER ONE 1.0                                                       INTRODUCTIONWater is the one of the most common substances known and it is good solvent for many substances, water occur at room temperature as clear, colourless, tasteless liquid which freezing into…

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