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Bifurcation And Stability Of Steady Solutions Of Evolution Equations – Complete project material

ABSTRACT We considered the evolutional problems in two-dimensional autonomous system. We showed that the bifurcating steady solutions are obtained from the points of intersection of the two conic sections and we used the implicit function…

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Bias Reduction Using Propensity Score Matching In Observational Data – Complete project material

ABSTRACT In observational studies, ―case-control groups‖ often exhibit imbalance on covariates. This covariate imbalance is confounded with treatments. It is difficult to attribute differences in responses to the ―treatment‖ because the covariates are also believed…

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Assessing The Performance Of Penalized Regression Methods And The Classical Least Squares Method – Complete project material

ABSTRACT Regression is one of the most useful statistical methods for data analysis. Multicollinearity is a problem that, pose a challenge to regression analysis by increasing the standard error of the estimators, making the model…

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Approximation Method For Solving Variational Inequality With Multiple Set Split Feasibility Problem In Banach Space – Complete project material

ABSTRACT In this thesis, an iterative algorithm for approximating the solutions of avariational inequality problem for a strongly accretive, L-Lipschitz map andsolutions of a multiple sets split feasibility problem is studied in a uniformlyconvex and…

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Application Of Queueing Theory In Tackling The Problem Of Port Congestion At Apapa Port, Lagos, Nigeria – Complete project material

ABSTRACT The Apapa port is part of the ports operated by the Nigerian Ports Authority which was established in 1955 to oversee the activities and operations of all Nigerian sea ports. Over the years the…

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Application Of Multivariate Analysis To Agronomic Trial – Complete project material

ABSTRACT Bivariate correlation was carried out on the growth and yield characters of cowpea(Vigna unguiculata [L] Walp) and pod yield and number of pods were observed tobe positively and significantly correlated with all the components…

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Application Of Genetic Algorithm In Modeling University Admission Decision Support System – Complete project material

ABSTRACT   This thesis evaluates the impact of Universities’ entry qualification requirements and theperformance of students, in order to decide how these factors bring patterns that are bestfor admission. The proposed model uses the defined…

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Analysis Of Quantile Regression As Alternative To Ordinary Least Squares Regression – Complete project material

ABSTRACT In this thesis, we present an alternative to ordinary least squares (OLS) regression based on analytical solution in the Statgraphics software is considered, and this alternative is no other than quantile regression (QR) model.…

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An Evaluation Of Multiple Comparisons Procedures In Agricultural Experiments – Complete project material

ABSTRACT The main objective of this study is to test and evaluate the different Methods(or Procedures) of Multiple Comparisons by determining the conditionsunder which each of them is suitable especially in terms of protectionagainst errors.…

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Determination Of Students’ Academic Performance Using Canonical Correlation And Factor Analyses – Complete project material

ABSTRACT In this study, we tried to evaluatestudents’ academic performance through the use of the relationship between mathematical and less-mathematical subjects and also tried to verify the subjects that contribute significantly to the variation among…

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