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Effect Of A Nurse-Led Training Programme On Knowledge Of Risky Behaviours Among Motorcycle Operators – complete project material

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Transportation is a basic and indispensable component of all human endeavour, and has strong influence on the interrelations that exist when people with common interests live together. It…

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Utilization Of Donabedian Model In Evaluation Of Maternal And Child Healthcare Quality Service – complete project material

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study The quality of care received during pregnancy and the place of delivery are great determinants of maternal and child morbidity and mortality. Improving and sustaining the quality…

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Knowledge Of The Cause And Prevention Of Anaemia In Pregnancy Among Pregnant Mothers – complete project material

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background Information Anaemia describes a situation in which there is a reduction of haemoglobin concentration in the blood of pregnant women to a level below 11g/dl. Anaemia is one of the most…

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Perceptions Of Actual And Preferred Hospital Clinical Learning Environment Of Student Nurses – complete project material

PERCEPTIONS OF ACTUAL AND PREFERRED HOSPITAL CLINICAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT OF STUDENT NURSES   CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Nursing is a practice based profession with clinical education as an essential part of the…

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Knowledge, Accessibility And Use Of Information Communication Technology (Ict) Among Students And Teachers – complete project material

ABSTRACT People over time, have devised various techniques for communicating their thoughts, needs and desires to others in every aspect of life. The emergence of ICT has affected all aspects of human life, including education…

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Effect Of Nursing- Based Intervention On Exclusive Breastfeeding Practice Among Pregnant Women Attending Two Primary Health Care Centers – complete project material

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background to the Study Healthcare waste threatens the public health due to its contagious nature. Most healthcare facilities are located in the heart of the cities and therefore, healthcare waste that…

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Influence Of Information Sources On Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Nursing Mothers – complete project material

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study New born children in many African households, especially in Nigeria receive less commitment of being exclusively breastfed by their mothers. A news report stated mothers have many…

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Knowledge And Perception Of Hypertension And It’S Management Among Clients/Patients – complete project material

ABSTRACT Hypertension is an important public health challenge at Auchi Nigeria. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological survey was to determine hypertensive patients’ knowledge, perceptions, attitudes and life-style practices so as to optimize their health…

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Assessing Knowledge, Practice And Factors Influencing Birth Preparedness And Complication Readiness Among Couples – complete project material

ABSTRACT This study was carried out to assess knowledge, practice and factors influencing birth preparedness and complication readiness among couples in selected rural communities in Oji River. The objectives of the study were to determine…

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Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Care Of The Elderly Patients Among Health Workers – complete project material

ABSTRACT With the global trend towards an increasing aging population, there is a corresponding increase in the health problems associated with elderly population especially in developing Countries including Nigeria. With this increase in the growth…

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