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A Study Of Rock Paintings In Bauchi And Jigawa States – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT   Globally, rock paintings are age-long art forms that have revealed the activities of early humans in the respective sites. This is similar to the rock paintings in Bauchi and Jigawa States of…

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[ad_1] ABSTRACT   This study sought to establish the relationship between Gender and PreferredContent in Children’s Drawing. A total of 220 pupils stratified into 110 males and110 females drawn from eleven randomly selected primary schools…

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A Survey Of Styles And Functions Of Kano Ancient City Wall And Gates – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT   The research is an attempt made, to survey the styles and functions of Kano ancient city wall and gates. The research is carried out to document the remains of the wall and…

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Adaptation Of Banknote Security Features On Some Ahmadu Bello University Sensitive Documents For Protection Against Counterfeiting – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT This study is aimed at adapting banknotes security features on Ahmadu Bello University’s sensitive documents in order to protect them against counterfeiting. This aim was achieved through the following objectives: 1. to study…

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Adaptation Of Ham Traditional Designs As Sources Of Motifs For Fabric And Apparel Embellishment Using Batik – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT   The problem of this study is that of the selection, documentation, explanation and preservation of some of the traditional designs found on the artifacts of the Ham People of Kaduna State and…

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Adaptation Of Nigerian Handcraft Woven And Printed Fabrics For Apparel Production And Fashion Appreciation – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT The study identified the way the introduction of modern ideas and techniques has affected the traditional set up of the Nigerian society which is gradually losing its identity because of its influence and…

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Adaptation Of The Frontal View Of Church Altar Fabric Dressing Into Painting – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT The research titled “Adaptation of the frontal view of Church Altar fabric dressing into painting” was inspired by the frontal view of Church Altar fabric dressing. It has its target on the creation…

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Adapting International System Of Typographic And Picture Education (Isotype) Way-Finding Design In The Jos Metropolis – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT The renewed attempt by the Plateau State Government to further review the implementation of the Greater Jos Master Plan has made the opportunity for the inclusion of appropriate way-finding signs in to the…

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An Adaptation Of Enugu-Ngwo Maiden Mask Forms For Sculptural Totem Poles – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT Sculpture, over time, has evolved and through the period of its evolution sculptors have derived inspiration from diverse sources, Pablo Picasso and Amideo Modigliani explored African mask for their paintings and sculptures, this…

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An Appraisal Of Atyap Performing Arts Of Zangon Kataf Kaduna State, Nigeria (1950 – 2013) – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT AN APPRAISAL OF ATYAP PERFORMING ARTS OF ZANGON KATAF KADUNASTATE, NIGERIA 1950 – 2013,By Samuel Caleb.(N.C.E. Fine and Applied Arts KSCOEKafanchan, B.A.Fine Arts, M.A Art History A.B.U Zaria)This study explored the activities of…

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