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Planet Radio Programme “Talk Your Own” and Public Consciousness of Community Development in Ibesikpo/ Asutan Local Government Area. – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT This study was carried out on the Planet radio programme “Talk your own” and public consciousness of community development in ibesikpo/ Asutan local government area. Three research questions were developed to do this. …

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The Role of Radio in the Awareness of Gender Inclusion and the Mobilization of Women for Political Participation – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT The low rate of female participation in politics compared to that of their male counter- parts in Nigeria creates a need to examine the situation in this study, The Role of Radio in…

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The Impact of Social Media on Youths Participation in Nigeria’s Elections – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT Prior to the millenium, the mainstream media was the primary source of information for most of the world. Due to the absence of several current technology, news dissemination was not as immediate as…

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[ad_1] Abstract Ethics in journalism is the symbols of morals that journalists are supposed to uphold. These consist of a commitment to revealing the truth objectivity without being subjective by self-interest; maintaining the privacy of…

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The Challenges of Mass Media Public Health Communication in Rural Communities – Complete project material

[ad_1] Abstract The study examine the challenges of mass media for health communication in rural areas, it also examine the effectiveness of mass media in delivering and promoting health related issues among the rural dwellers…

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Media Audience Engagement – Impact of Twitter on World Cup – Complete project material

[ad_1] TABLE OF CONTENTABSTRACT CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the Study1.2 Statement of the Problem1.3 Research Objectives1.4 Research Questions1.5 Significance of the Study1.6 Scope of the Study1.7 Operational Definition of Key Terms CHAPTER TWOLITERATURE REVIEW2.1 Conceptual Review2.1.1…

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Audience Perception and Attitude Towards the Use of Pidgin in Broadcasting – A Study of Fifa World Cup Commentary on Super Sport – Complete project material

[ad_1] TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the Study1.2 Statement of the problem1.3 Research Objectives1.4 Research Questions1.6 Scope of the Study1.7 Operational Definition of Terms CHAPTER TWOLITERATURE REVIEW2.1 Introduction2.2 Conceptual review2.2.1 The Origin…

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Impact of Mass Media Campaign on Domestic Violence in Nigeria – Complete project material

[ad_1] ABSTRACT One of Nigeria’s biggest public health issues is domestic violence. It refers to gender-based acts of violence that hurt an individual physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, or economically. It is one of the most…

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Audience Perception of the Impact of Indigenous Language on the Understanding of Broadcasting Programmes Among Warri Residents Case Study of Delta Broadcasting Station – Complete project material

[ad_1] Abstract Indigenous language broadcasting in Nigeria is common and scholars have focused on how they enhance message delivery but not much on how it promotes indigenous languages. This study focused on audience’ consumption of…

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Influence of Cartoon on News Paper Readership Among Student – a Study of University of Lagos Akoka – Complete project material

[ad_1] Abstract This study was on influence of Cartoon on News Paper Readership Among Student. Three objectives were raised which included: To determine the relevance of cartoon, to determine the influence of cartoon on newspaper…

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